Meet the Team

Eva Roca

Eva Roca


Eva has been teaching yoga since 2008 with more than 1000 hours of teacher training and certified by Yoga Alliance. Has been trained in Hatha Yoga (Yoga Integral and Sivananda), Anusara® Yoga, Kundalini, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga Post-Natal, Vinyasa Yoga and SmartFLOW® Yoga.

She is a yoga lover and she’s passionate about yoga philosophy, continuing to study and deepen in the teachings, through her daily practice and inspired by her teachers with whom she continues practicing: Susana García Blanco (Anusara Yoga), Janet Stone (Vinyasa), Sianna Sherman (Anusara) and Annie Carpenter (SmartFLOW), among others.

At the moment her practice is Vinyasa Flow applying the universal principles of alignment of Anusara Yoga. For Eva it is important to love the body and avoid injury which can be common in yoga due to poor alignment and unfit sequencing.

She manages the yoga studio KREATIVE YOGA in Girona where she teaches a modern, safe, dynamic, vitalizing and rejuvenating yoga, always looking for the conscious breath, the joy of our hearts, alignment and the body-mind-spirit connection.

Her yogi practice goes beyond the yoga mat and she lives for an ethical and organic lifestyle.

She owns Crudivegània’s Living Food Culinary School and Bionèctar raw vegan restaurant in Girona.

Laxmi Valls

Laxmi Valls


Laxmi was born in a yoga community in Catalonia, near Barcelona. Growing up amongst yogis, yoga was never imposed on her, but naturally accompanied her and was there for her to delve into throughout her childhood. At the age of 11 she received her first yoga class and she realised it was something she would do for the rest of her life.
She has travelled to India numerous times, living in ashrams and exploring the depths of the yoga philosophy at its birthplace.
She completed the 200 hours Yoga Alliance teacher training in Hatha Vinayasa at Mandiram Yoga studio in Barcelona and also the 200 hours in Ashtanga Vinyasa at the Universal Yoga Centre with Vijay Amar. She also enrolled on numerous other Yoga courses, including Hatha Yoga in Sivananda Ashram ( Kerala), Ashtanga yoga in Tattva Yoga shala ( Rishikesh), and a course with the world renowned teacher Surinder Singh in Rishikesh.
She currently shares her practice in weekly classes in Girona and Solsona, Catalonia, and offers seasonal retreats in Hotels in Italy, Spain and the UK under her co-founded project Tada Yoga.
Her practice is Hatha Vinyasa. She emphasises the awareness and alignment of asana practice while incorporating the foundations of pranayama and meditation, all together allowing for personal wellbeing and growth in every class.

Alby Glaister

Alby Glaister


Alby studied at an alternative school in England founded by the Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti. There he started practicing yoga from 13 years old. Yoga was readily available to practice at his school, where he had 1:1 yoga lessons daily.
After practicing for some years, at the age of 16 Alby travelled to India; the birth place of yoga, to deepen his practice. Since then he has returned to India several times, most recently with his partner Laxmi Valls where they completed a Yoga Alliance teacher training in Ashtanga Vinyasa at the Universal Yoga Centre with Vijay Amar. He studied yoga in Ashrams including Amritapuri and Sivananda and he enrolled on numerous other Yoga courses, including a Hatha Yoga immersion with the world renowned teacher Surinder Singh in Rishikesh.

Alby has taught yoga in England, Italy, Austria, Catalonia and India. He has delved into many branches of both traditional yoga practices and modern adaptations. His practice would best full under Vinyasa, though he also incorporates aspects of classical Hatha and the integrity of Iyengar. He focuses on using yoga as this invaluable tool to return to our essence, the inner peace.

Currently Alby lives in Girona, Catalonia, where he teaches daily classes at Kreative Yoga Girona and offers seasonal retreats in Hotels in Italy, Spain and the UK under his co-founded project Tada Yoga.
Alby gives dynamic classes, offering the opportunity to experience new postures, sensations and states of relaxation. Beyond asana practice, Alby is particularly interested in Pranayama and meditation.
While yoga has rapidly become a huge hype in the West, it has become distorted, and many have lost sight of what yoga really is, and why we do it. Alby is adamant on sharing his practice as an opportunity to connect with our love, our truth. Yoga is not rolling out your mat each day. Yoga is the balance in life, a spiritual practice to connect, to feel the inner source, and the love that we all are.

Elena Castells

Elena Castells


Elena Castells (Tara), graduated in Political Science and MIR (Master International Relations), discovered yoga after her first field mission in an armed conflict country, as an emotional and stress management tool.

Her path into yoga began with Sadananda’s teachings (Krishnamarchaya lineage), at the Asthanga Yoga Institute in Barcelona. Whereupon, she travelled to India several times practicing yoga and visiting different Ashrams as Aurobindo’s, Ramana’s Maharshi, Sai’s Baba, etc…

As part of this path, she has practiced different yoga styles as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Flow, Sinergy, Yin, Restorative, Sivananda, etc.. being Ashtanga practice part of her daily routine.

Registred Yoga Teacher by the Yoga Alliance, she had completed several yoga training in Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yoga & Ayurveda, etc…

She has attended to workshops and seminaries of different international teachers as Lino Miele, Tomas Zorzo, David Garrigues, Sharath Jois…among others.

She continues to deepen her yoga path studying Vedanta Advaita Philosophy and practicing Bhakti Yoga

“ It’s through Yoga that we can help us free ourselves from our emotions and to achieve moksha or spiritual liberation”.

Sònia Isart

Sònia Isart


La manera de ser de la Sònia és una invitació a restar dins nostre en profunditat. El seu estil d‘ensenyament ric i textural, i l’exploració que fa dels paisatges interiors, ens porten a una experiència sensual de tot el que està passant. La Sònia demostra una rara habilitat per fer una autoindagació rigorosa i valenta. La seva ofrena vibra amb una tendra vulnerabilitat.
Amb la voluntat de continuar amb la indagació que els antics yogis proposaven (Ko Ham: Qui soc?), va crear Nomad Yoga el 2011, permetent que els paisatges del món la guiessin en aquest recerca, i la portessin cap a una práctica més viva i intuïtiva.
Dins el marc de llibertat que el Hatha Yoga ofereix, la Sònia proposa una pràctica on l’escolta és l’element guia essencial, treballant en cada moment amb allò que el cos posa a disposició, sense resistència i sense pressió. I és en aquest marc de llibertitat i intuïció que la màgia del yoga succeeix…
Molts son els mestres, però en especial la Sònia se sent deixeble de Quim Altés, Kira Sloane, Ravi Ravindra i Erich Schifmann.

Marina Mas

Marina Mas


Marina is archaeologist and historian. Passionate for culture and communication, Kundalini Yoga came to her life in a time of need for deep healing. The great healing power of Kundalini Yoga practice brings to her to continue enjoying a full life and to train in Kundalini Yoga for Shunia Yoga BCN with teachers Siri Gobind Kaur and Siri Vedya Kaur. In 2009, she is certified by AEKY and KRI and begins to teach Kudalini Yoga classes. Since then, yoga is not just a practice, it is a way of living consciously and understanding the world.

Marina continues to deepen into the practice of Kundalini Yoga and she had trained in Yoga for Children and Family at the Child Play school with Gurudass Kaur (USA). This powerful tool applies to parenting every day with their daughters.

She is currently focusing on the study of meditation and also in the history of the Hindu culture.

Laura Tàrrega

Laura Tàrrega


Per la Laura la maternitat va ser l‘inici d’un camí de creixement: Quin era el seu lloc com a mare? Com podia acompanyar a les seves filles respectuosament? Què necessitava com a dona? Com podia donar espai a les seves necessitats i a les de les persones del seu voltant?

Arrel d’aquestes inquietuds va formar-se amb Sophia Style, Miranda Gray, Rous Baltrons, Eva Roca, Susanna Arjona i Maria Farriols que la van empoderar i connectar amb la seva ànima i la seva feminitat.

L‘any 2012 es forma com a Moon Mother amb la Miranda Gray, i des de llavors, ha facilitat més de 50 cercles de dones per compartir les meditacions de les benediccions mundials de l’uter en diferents espais.També ha realitzat cercles de dones a l’Om Shanti de Girona, creient fermament en el seu poder i sanació per les dones que hi participen.

Acompanya a dones en els seus processos vitals i realitza rituals femenins per celebrar ritus de pas, acomiadar-se de l‘uter i d’altres.

Actualment, facilita grups per aprofundir en el llibre Las mujeres que corren con los lobos de la psicoanalista junguiana Clarissa Pinkola Estés i s‘està formant en astrologia a l’escola Animal Espiritual creada per Laura Gutman.