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Slow Flow Yoga

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anahata yoga

Modern and creative yoga that opens to the all ours dimensions, awakening the consciousness of unity and rediscovering our essential innate goodness ... perfect, unlimited and full of joy.

The main technique is love, uniting the science of the body with the philosophy of tantric yoga, which is based on the beauty, kindness and creativity of our hearts.

A loving yoga that adapts to everyone thanks to its biomechanical science.

In this style of yoga, there are all aspects that help us achieve the two highest intentions of yoga, which are Cit (the conscience, the self-realization of Being) and Ananda (joy and bliss): Assana, Pranayama, meditation, mantra, knowledge, ... are present in a Anahata Yoga class.

The Anahata Yoga thecnique is based on a modern and evolved biomechanical science that helps us align ourselves with each pose, allowing everyone to have a pleasant and healthy energy experience practicing yoga. It is thanks to the correct alignment and energy flows that the limitations of the body vanish and then we discover that our true nature is unlimited.

Each yoga pose is impregnated with an intention that we create at the beginning of the class and that connects with the great intentions of yoga (cit and ananda), awareness of postural alignment and action balanced between stability and freedom.

The movements and yoga poses are flowing with breathing. 

This method of yoga has been designed to any practitioner, regardless of his condition (level of experience, ability, age, special therapeutic needs, etc.) can follow the class obtaining all the benefits of the yoga class has been designed and sequenced.

Yoga teacher: Eva Roca





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